Instructions To Use Cornerstone for Class Registration

Registration for DMFR classes is managed through the Cornerstone System. To register for the specific class you are interested in,
please follow these directions:

  1. After you enter Cornerstone using the link below, click on Library in the middle of the page.
  2. Click DMFR under Subject in the left-hand menu.
    • You can also click specific topics under DMRF in this menu to narrow down the results.
  3. Find the class you would like to register for in the list, and click on it.
  4. Find an available date and time for the class, then click Request to complete your registration.

Once you are registered, you should see the class and the date you chose listed on your Transcript with a status of Registered.

  • To view your transcript, click the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner ( ), then click 'Learning', followed by 'View Your Transcript'.

When you are ready to enter the system, you may do so by clicking the "Cornerstone Registration" link below.
(If you hold CTRL on your keyboard when you click the link, it should open in a separate tab or window so you can keep this page open for reference.)

Cornerstone Registration

If you have trouble with this process, you are welcome to visit our DMFR Customer Portal and raise a request for help.