Texas Tech Double T

Financial Management 101: Introduction to FOAP Codes

Prior to attending Finance, Budget and Procurement classes, it is necessary to learn about TTU's financial structure. This course provides an overview of the structure, codes, expenditure guidelines and available budget balances. This course is also the gateway to key terms and terminology for other trainings.


EOPS: Employee One-Time Payment System Overview

This class is an overview of the Employee One-time Payment System (EOPS) for first-time EOPS Originators, or it can be attended as a refresher. The Employee One-time Payment is for occasional payments such as Additional Compensation, Lump Sum payments, Moving Expenses, etc., and not for regular payroll. This class is a review of EOPS entry and routing for approval and payment.


Banner 9 Finance Navigation

Ask your department if you will use Banner 9 Forms to view financial/procurement information before you register for this class. If your department does not access Banner 9 Finance Forms, do not register for this class. In this hands on class, you will learn how financial information is stored and how to view Form data. Your department will provide on the job training about using the Forms in your job.


Intro to Financial Transaction System (FiTS)

This class serves as an introduction to "FiTS", or the 'Financial Transactions System'. The FiTS system allows users to submit and process interdepartmental cost transfers (transfer of expense(s) from one FOP to another). It also introduces the automated process to prepare and submit IV (Intra-Institutional Vouchers) and Revenue JV (Journal Vouchers) documents.


Property Inventory System Training

Optional online class for those responsible for doing Property Inventory for their departments.


Data Management for Financial Resources