Texas Tech Double T

Budget Management & Revision

Note: Before you can take this class, you must have completed the below pre-requisite(s).
Financial Management 101: Introduction to FOAP Codes

Course Description

This class is for department administrators who manage a budget(s) or who make budget adjustments and/or transfer funds. It includes a demonstration of the Online Budget Revision System that is used to enter and approve budget adjustments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the annual process of TTU’s budget system
  • Review budgeting procedures based on revenue flow
  • Review the considerations of budgeting for wages and salaries
  • Review the 4 Options for revising a budget

Training Aids

Below you will find a list of tools and resources that will be referenced during class. You will receive an email prior to class with instructions on what to print and bring with you.


Data Management for Financial Resources