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Financial Reporting: Transaction Reports

Note: Before you can take this class, you must have completed the below pre-requisite(s).
Introduction to Cognos
Financial Management 101: Introduction to FOAP Codes

Course Description

This class provides opportunity to learn how to use transaction level reports within Cognos in a hands-on training environment. These reports provide details regarding activity that has taken place within a FOP / FOAP. Bring the FOPs / FOAPs from your department to this class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding in executing transaction reports for the FOPs that will be monitored
  • Understanding the transaction report data and how to make decisions based on information provided
  • Identify various transactions based upon the system used to create them
  • Knowledge of how to use reports for reconciliation and decision making

Training Aids

Below you will find a list of tools and resources that will be referenced during class. You will receive an email prior to class with instructions on what to print and bring with you.


Data Management for Financial Resources