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HR Reporting: Payroll Reports

Note: Before you can take this class, you must have completed the below pre-requisite(s).
Introduction to Cognos

Course Description

This class introduces you to reports that are available in Cognos to monitor various payroll activity for a FOP. Definitions of reports and the fields found within the reports are provided. Instruction is provided in a hand-on environment and attendees are encouraged to bring a list of the FOPs / FOAPs from their organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the terminology used within payroll reports
  • Experience in executing payroll reports for departmental data within a hands-on learning environment
  • Awareness of the reports available to monitor payroll activity and the application of each

Training Aids

Below you will find a list of tools and resources that will be referenced during class. You will receive an email prior to class with instructions on what to print and bring with you.


Data Management for Financial Resources